de geschiedenis van de familie Baller in Nederland


The first Baller who moved to The Netherlands was Julius Friedrich Willem, born in 1859 in Ditfurt, Sacksen-Anhalt, Germany. In 1886 he married Ida Frederica Francisca Carolina Fischer. Genealogical research has shown that every Baller in Holland is a descendant of Julius Baller and Rieka Fischer.

Like almost every family, the Baller-family has a long history. Tracing back the story of Julius Friedrich Willem led us to the year 1796. However, before that year 'Ballers' might have existed as well. The problem is that there is not much written down about that period. This means that our family tree is limited to the period of which written accounts have been found. As far as we know, going back further in time is impossible.

Our ancestors have led quite interesting lives. In the other chapters some of their stories have been written down.